点金推出的 jupiter汉化版 是一款适合各种各样的企业,从公司,店主和小企业到创业公司,艺术家和博客创建网站的wordpress主题。jupiter主题 是一个完美解决方案,有超过28000的活跃用户。官方提供了90+个演示。Jupiter功能比较多,建议具体建站时开启必要的功能。现在我们把 jupiter汉化版 更新到v5.3版。继续助力中文建站。




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下面说一下 jupiter 更新说明:

jupiter汉化版 v5.3是一个大更新,具体如下:

  • New Feature : Update Visual Composer to V4.12.2
  • New Feature : Fancy Title Shortcode > option to align title for mobile devices
  • New Feature : Option to disable adaptive images completely (Theme options > general > General Settings)
  • New Feature : Option to enable retina Site Preloader Logo (If enabled you should upload 2X size)
  • New Feature : FAQ shortcode > Select specific option auto suggester option
  • New Feature : Pot file with Gulp
  • New Feature : Twitter shortcode text and link color options
  • New Feature : Filter in Mk_Send_Mail > send_form
  • New Feature : Option to unify theme options in all languages for WPML plugin(You can find it in WP > Settings > general)
  • New Feature : Option for letter-spacing for buttons
  • New Feature : Add “No Follow” option for button shortcode link
  • New Feature : “Visibility For Devices” option for Divider shortcode
  • New Feature : New Theme Option for image size of Product category loop
  • New Feature : WooCommerce carousel shortcode modern style new options : select specific category, posts and author
  • New Feature : Added medium font weight option
  • New Feature : Custom Color options for Mobile Header
  • New Feature : Disable / Enable Greyscale Hover option for simple style employees shortcode
  • New Feature : 8 options to control typography and coloing for Testimonial Shortcode
  • New Feature : “None” option for portfolio shortcode meta element
  • New Feature : Target option for Flip Box Button Url
  • New Feature : Responsive Font option for Page Title Box shortcode
  • New Feature : Option to toggle on/off globally
  • New Feature : Image switch shortcode > link option
  • New Feature : “Force Responsive Font Size?” option for Blockquote shortcode
  • New Feature : Success or error message to the contact form
  • New Feature : option to change “ALL” text in sortable from shortcode options
  • New Feature : Option to disable responsive images for backgrounds
  • New Feature : Viewport Animation option for Divider
  • New Feature : Hide user email from author box
  • Improvement : Parallax is back in Safari and its as performant as other browsers!
  • Improvement : Admin menu custom post types and custom taxonomies are now translatable
  • Improvement : Contact info widget > email field ASCII characters
  • Improvement : Formstack plugin styling compatibility
  • Improvement : When you visit different category pages, you only see ALL PRODUCTS as section title. It needs show category name in title
  • Improvement : The photo album social share buttons needs to share the image in every slide not the page
  • Improvement : Custom menu widget sub level expansion UX problem. Now sub levels expand with click rather than hover
  • Improvement : Restrict User Access plugin compatibility
  • Improvement : WooCommerce variable products lightbox opens only featured image
  • Improvement : Double quantity buttons in single products
  • Improvement : jQuery V3 compatibility
  • Improvement : Subscribe shortcode improvements
  • Improvement : Data valisations on php outputs
  • Improvement : Add Max Input vars to the new compatibility class and show it in theme options header as well
  • Improvement : Complete code refactor in Contact form Javascript
  • Improvement : Prevent google to crawl “SVG” and consider it as keyword
  • Improvement : Twitter widget light and dark style improvements
  • BugFix : Header Style 4 visual issue
  • BugFix : Header style 3 – right alignment
  • BugFix : Duplicate posts in single post > Recent posts
  • BugFix : Difficult to scroll mobile in portfolio pages
  • BugFix : Zend server error compatibility
  • BugFix : Multiple audio posts in blog loop causes issues after load more pressed
  • BugFix : Slideshow Box shortcode’s issue with Fancy Title inside
  • BugFix : Empty space within header toolbar where all elements are disabled
  • BugFix : The Shape Divider that forms a pointed bottom doesn’t end in a point
  • BugFix : PhotoAlbum with null references
  • BugFix : “Portfolios” in breadcrumbs is not translatable
  • BugFix : Social Networks “Whatsapp” link won’t work
  • BugFix : Portfolio on mobile devices with double tap issue
  • BugFix : Edge – Flipbox does not behave normally on hover
  • BugFix : Edge – Overlay color for background image doesn’t work
  • BugFix : Product category in Tabs element does not look correct
  • BugFix : Photo albums IE image positioning
  • BugFix : PHP 7 compatibility fixes
  • BugFix : Set Main Navigation For Logged In User to Select Option by default and it’s creating confusion.
  • BugFix : Image shortcode title attribute will now load from image media attributes.
  • BugFix : Edge slider custom content animation for flip style is broken
  • BugFix : Division by Zero Error on SVG Icons warning
  • BugFix : Start Tour URL in Theme Options broken
  • BugFix : Divider shortcode > goto top style > Icon does not show up
  • BugFix : Fatal Error when The Events Calendar’s “Events List” widget is used inside Visual Composer’s “Widgetised Sidebar”
  • BugFix : Quick contact form description translation broken
  • BugFix : Savvy button bg color doesn’t fill background
  • BugFix : WooCommerce cart page + / – icons missing when cart is updated
  • BugFix : Edge slider content right alignment
  • BugFix : Recent Posts and Recent Posts widget used in Widgetized Sidebar break website
  • BugFix : Template Activation does not give green success messages
  • BugFix : Global portfolio single layout broken
  • BugFix : News shortcode does not print extra class name.
  • BugFix : PHP warnings in Jupiter widget filter

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